Serving: Too Many Segments


A common issue for servers who lack consistency is that there is just too much going on! The more parts of the arm that are involved in a serve, the more risk a player is incurring when they hit the ball. Learning to be more efficient -- with fewer moving parts -- can eliminate unnecessary faults.


Erratic Paddle Angle

The direction of the serve is determined primarily by the angle of the paddle at impact. But if the paddle angle is constantly changing because there are so many moving arm segments, it's anyone's guess if it will be just right at contact. That's a recipe for trouble!

Too Many Segments

The arm has many parts: the hand, wrist, forearm, elbow and shoulder. And like any machine, the more parts that are involved the greater the chance that once goes off track and derails the whole operation. Players who use these many parts are more likely to have trouble controlling their serve.



Think 'Stable'

By being more stable with the wrist and allowing body rotation to generate speed, the paddle face can be more consistent through contact. This will make it easier for the player to have a idea of where the paddle is facing when they hit the ball and make it more likely to go in the desired direction..