Lessons Should Be Safe

We think it is important that pickleball be taught in a way that is as safe as possible. While sports always have inherent risks, we believe that many of those risks can be mitigated by thoughtful coaches who take safety seriously and have a good understanding of the dangers. Our coaching education always puts player safety front and center..

Lessons Should Be Fun

Pickleball is a game and games should be fun. That's why our coaching is chock full of interesting and exciting activities for your players to do. We're not the 'stand around and talk' kind of instructors and we'll help you to be the kind of teacher that players are fired up to work with. 

Lessons Should Be Effective

Our coaching resources are highly practical and are focused on your players' enjoyment and improvement. With a proven, systematic approach that prioritizes learning the most important skills first, we help instructors to teach the things that will have the most meaningful impact on their players and will keep them coming back for more.