Forehands That Should Be Backhands


While it is fine to have a preferred side, players need to realize that they won't always be able to hit the shot they like best. A common problem occurs when players put themselves in a bad hitting position because they are overly determined to avoid their backhands.


Slow Can Be Deceiving 

Sometimes players will believe that if their opponents played a dink, they will automatically have time to set up to use their forehand. But this is not the case. Dinks need to be played with precision and if you are off balance trying to avoid your backhand, you are much more likely to play a poor shot.

The Present and the Future

Even if the player manages to run around their backhand to use a forehand, there is a good chance that they will be out of position for the next shot. If this happens in a training session, it can be useful for the instructor to yell "freeze" so the player can see how out of position they really are. 



Hit Those Backhands!

Players can make their lives much easier if they don't feel the absolute need to avoid their backhands. They should spend time developing the technical skills needed to execute backhands from all over the court so that they can play them with confidence and consistency.