Weak Overhead Smashes


Sometimes players will get in position to hit a smash but just can't finish the point. Let's identify a key issue that leads to limited power. 


Facing Forward

The more that players can rely on the strong parts of their body to hit the ball, they easier it is for them to generate speed. But players who are facing forward when they swing have to rely primarily on their arm to hit the ball and that has a minimal chase of sending hard smash. 

Set-Up Sideways

Encourage players to get in a sideways position when preparing to hit a smash. Just like a baseball player throwing a ball, a sideways set up will allow for the rotation of the hips, core and shoulders. Power will come much more easily. 



Load Up the Back Leg

While it isn't always possible to be totally set when hitting, if players are able to get in position in time, they will benefit from loading up their weight on their back leg and then transferring it up and forward as they swing. Momentum = power!