Balls at Feet (NVZ)


Having the ball land near your feet is really annoying. And it is important for your players to learn how to avoid this from happening. Here is a quick example of how you can help your players avoid those nasty low balls. 


How Low Balls Happen

In a dinking situation, balls  land at your player's feet only if they allow it. If when the ball comes over the net they elect to back up, they are increasing the likelihood that the ball will be uncomfortable. 

Volley When Possible

By taking the ball out of the air, the player is able to avoid the ball landing at his feet. A stable base and minimal paddle movement is key to playing a great volley dink. As a general rule, have your players volley whenever possible.



Earlier Does Not Mean Harder

Sometimes players think that if they hit the ball sooner (i.e. before the bounce), they should also hit harder. They must remember that this is still a dinking situation. Have them use a 'catching' sensation when playing this volley to help control speed.