What is PCI?

Pickleball Coaching International is an industry leader in coaching education. Our mission is to grow the sport of pickleball by providing high-quality education to current and aspiring pickleball instructors. 


How Does It Work?

Pickleball Coaching International is an online, educational resource designed to help instructors to provide great coaching to their current and future players. You can learn and practice at your own pace and there is no test to pass or exam you to write. While some other organizations are focused on certification, we are devoted to providing you the tools and resources to be a fantastic teacher.

Once you join PCI you have a full year of unlimited access to all of our multi-media tools, written documents and member benefits. These will help you better understand how to coach in ways that are safe, fun and highly effective.  


how do i use the Site?




Like a good pickleball lesson, this website has both obvious and more subtle elements to it.  We’ve designed it so you can explore and discover new things each time you visit. Here’s a roadmap to get you started.

Videos. We’ve categorized our videos into three distinct groups:

  • Technical Fundamentals is all about looking at the most effective ways to have your players use their body and paddle.

  • Training Activities provide examples of drills and games you can have your players use to practice new skills while having lots of fun.

  • People Organization is focused on placing and moving people on the court no matter what your class size looks like. 

Articles. This section is great if you like thinking about coaching. We’ve touched on everything from philosophy to the practicalities of the best ways to feed balls to your players. A favourite section of thoughtful instructors.

Pro Tools. This section is all about making your life easier. Download charting tools track your players’ progress, print lesson plan templates to schedule your class, and listen to audio files focused on the business of coaching.

Case Studies. Poor grips, careless movement patterns and overly ambitions decision-making. This section uses live action clips to identify and solve the most common problems pickleball instructors will face.

Members Section. Want 50% off a Selkirk AMPED paddle? How about liability insurance or discounts on shoes and other equipment? This section is where PCI members redeem the great deals that come with signing up.


What Does It Cost?

You can choose from three levels of access to PCI: Starter, Intermediate or Pro.

  • The Starter package is $99 and gives you unlimited access to all of our written and multi-media materials for one year, subsequent renewal is available at a discounted rate.

  • The Intermediate package is $149 for your first year and in addition to the Starter benefits, you get one year of insurance coverage (can be renewed annually) as well as 12 months of our exclusive newsletter For the Coaches. Subsequent annual renewal fee of $99.

  • The Pro package is $249 for your first year and in addition to all the benefits of the Intermediate package, you also receive three 1-on-1 mentoring sessions with Mark Renneson. These are done online or over the phone. Check out the chart below to find the best option for your needs!

  • All prices listed are in USD.