Drop and Rush


There is a belief by some people that the best place to be is at the net; but this is clearly not true if you have hit a high ball that is likely to be hit hard. In this case study we see how charging the net can land you in a whole lot of trouble.


If It's High, Say Goodbye

Even novice players know that high balls are great opportunities to hit hard. Players need to learn that if they send a high ball to their opponents at the net, it is likely going to be hit with speed.

Asking for Trouble

By automatically following a (poor) drop to the net, the player is making a bad situation worse. She is giving herself even less time to react to what is likely going to be a fast ball. The 'always be moving forward' attitude is a recipe for disaster.

rush 2.gif

rush 3.gif

Learn to Observe

The player would be better off learning to judge the quality of her drop. If it forces the opponent to hit upwards, there is much less damage they can do. This would be a good time to move forward and apply pressure. But if the drop allows a higher impact point, stay back and defend.