Poor Overhead Movement


In theory, players should be happy when their opponents lob them. After all, it is a slow, high ball that they can hit hard. But many players fear the lob because they do not move well enough to take advantage of it. 

Note: take care when working on this skill with your players. Those who have limited athletic experience or ability will find it difficult and are more prone to fall. It may be necessary to work on rudimentary athletic skills prior to addressing this topic. 


Backpedalling: It's Not Just About Safety

Players are often told to never run backwards because they may fall. And while this may be true, there is another argument for why back-pedalling is a bad idea -- it's really slow! 


More Than Just Movement

Running backwards is not just a slow way of getting from point A to point B, it also prevents the player from getting into a good, sideways hitting position. When the player's feet, hips and shoulders are facing forward, they can to rotate their body to hit the ball.



Shuffling Saves the Day

By using shuffle steps to chase down the lob, the player moves in a faster, more explosive manner than back-peddling.  They are also in a sideways hitting position which is great if they want to generate speed with their smash.