About Pro Tools


 Let's face it -- great teaching combines a variety of skills.  Instructors need to be astute observers who can see what's going on in front of them, but they must also be powerful communicators who can motivate their players to work hard and try new things. Being highly organized is also important so that they can run safe, fun and effective lessons. The resources in this section are meant to make your challenging job just a little bit easier.


Printable PDFs

Like a good story, high-quality pickleball lessons have a clear beginning, middle and end. Our printable lesson planner makes it easy for you to sketch out the shape of your lesson in an organized and systematic way.

The charting tool helps you to collect data on your player's third shot tendencies and effectiveness, giving you empirical evidence about what's really happening on the court.

You can use the feedback form to get insight from your players about what they think of your lessons, and we've even included a blank pickleball court so that you can easily make visible on paper what you're seeing in real life. 


Audio Files

We have included two sections of illustrative audio that we think packs a powerful punch. With Selling the Topic in 15 Seconds you get prime examples of the rationale behind some of pickleball's most important skills. Listen to an expert coach explain to his students -- in 15 seconds or less -- why what they are learning matters. For instructors who want their students to be engaged and excited, this tool is a must listen. 

Whether you are a volunteer who is helping out, or an entrepreneur trying to get their business off the ground, The Business of Coaching is a collection of audio files that you'll want to check out. With topics like How Much Should You Charge?,  How to Make Your Lessons (Even) Better, and How to Get Sponsored, these audio files give insight into the business side of the sport.