Raising the Bar on Your Instruction

Being a pickleball instructor is hard -- you've got to worry about the safety of your students while making sure that they are having fun and learning at the same time. Combine that with lesson planning, advertising and other administrative tasks, and it is easy to feel a little overwhelmed or like you're spinning your wheels. We know that feeling. We've been there. 

That's why we offer an exclusive mentorship program. This is your chance to get some expert coaching support from renowned coach Mark Renneson.  Wether you are stuck in a rut, facing a big obstacle, or looking to grow your business, we can help.  

About Mark Renneson

If you've been around the pickleball world for awhile, you've likely come across Mark's work. The founder of Third Shot Sports, Mark travels across North America delivering pickleball clinics and working with instructors at all levels of the game. His YouTube videos have more than 2 million views and in 2018 he was the voice of pickleball during the 2018 US Open as it was broadcast on CBS Sports. Mark has more than 20 years of coaching experience. After founding Third Shot Sports in 2014, he quickly established himself as a coaching authority in the pickleball world.

Mark is the right choice as a Mentor for a variety of reasons. As someone who has built his coaching career from the ground up, he understands clearly the challenges of starting and growing a pickleball-related business. As a 5.0/PRO level player, he has the insider knowledge that many coaches don't have direct access to. With his extensive coaching experience, and advanced degrees in education, Mark really has 'seen it all' and it is likely that whatever challenges you are facing, he will have first-hand experience dealing with something similar.